About Apotheke DuJardin

Apotheke DuJardin (a-poth-eek du-jar-deen) is a woman, veteran-owned, all around holistic wellness and lifestyle brand. Our focus is to educate and provide resources to help you live a healthy, nontoxic, lifestyle. The online store was built to provide you access to affordable, pure, organic, and sustainable wellness products. We also have a TikTok page, Instagram, Facebook, and email newsletter to keep you up to date on tips and informational posts and videos. We occasionally share how-to's so you can make your own products at home! We are opening a storefront soon! It will be a zero-waste refillery where we will provide bulk herbs and spices, beauty and home care products and act as a hub for fellow like-minded artisans to share their products. As a Wellness and Nutrition Coach, Ellie will see clients, teach classes, and offer other special services. Please stay tuned for more information as we get things sorted!


About the owner, Ellie

Hello 🤗

I’m Ellie, I am the owner of Apotheke DuJardin and the formulator and creator of every product sold here (well besides the few wholesale items I carry). I am also a proud Veteran. I served in the Air Force for 6.5 years, where I worked as a Respiratory Care Practitioner. I trained at Fort Sam Houston and Wright Patterson Air Force Base and was stationed at Andrews Air Force Base and Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in during my time in service. I also traveled to and worked in various trauma centers such as UMC Las Vegas, Baltimore Shock Trauma, SSM St. Louis University, UC Cincinnati, Miami Valley, and Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. I found a passion in education and taught EMT’s airway management and emergency response. I also ran trauma simulations in the sim lab for physicians, nurses, and other RT’s to prepare them for CCATT missions (in-flight ICU). I managed a wide array of patient populations and conditions, from NICU, trauma, to elderly end-of-life care. I learned so much during my time working in allopathic medicine. My biggest takeaway is that while vital, there is a time and place for it, and certainly not the only option available to us.

My natural products manufacturing journey began by formulating my own lip balms after learning the dangers of ingredients in various health, home, and beauty products. This sent me on a crunchy spiral where I began making everything I could for my family and myself and swapping out what I couldn't. It wasn't long after I began making products that I lost my father to cancer. I quickly realized that we are surrounded by harmful chemicals and pharmaceuticals. They're in the water, in the air, in our food, and almost everything we touch. My obsession led me to ACHS, American College of Healthcare Sciences, where I enrolled and pursued my credentials in Herbalism, Natural Products Manufacturing, Holistic Wellness Coaching, and Holistic Nutrition Coaching. I take everything I learn and incorporate it into the products I make and the conversations I have with people every day. 

While I can't protect us from everything, I try to do what I can to provide healthy and natural alternatives to day-to-day products. I hope that I can help you as well by educating and sharing the products that I make with you. I just want us all to be happy, healthy humans. I am a one-woman operation (with the occasional help of my husband), so please reach out to me with any questions you have. Let's be well together 🙂