As a member of my profession, I shall at all times abide by the following code of ethics.

  1. I shall conduct myself in a professional and ethical manner in relation to my clients, other Consultants, and the public to comply with the highest standards of moral behavior and decency and to uphold the dignity and status of my profession under all circumstances.
  2. I shall treat my clients in accordance with holistic principles and render my professional services for no other purposes than the total well being of my clients.
  3. I recognize that my obligation is always to my client and agree to act as a Natural Health Consultant to the best of my ability for my client’s benefit. My client’s comfort welfare and future health must always have priority.
  4. I shall endeavor to serve the best interests of my clients at all times by providing the highest quality of service and I shall undertake continuing education and improve upon my Natural Health Consulting skills and professional standards whenever possible.
  5. I shall provide services within the scope and the limits of my training. I will not employ techniques for which I have not had adequate training and shall represent my education, training, qualifications, and abilities honestly. I shall acknowledge the limitations of my skills and when necessary, refer clients to the appropriate qualified professionals.
  6. I shall not diagnose, prescribe, or provide any service that requires a license to practice unless specifically licensed to do. I will be familiar with both State and Federal regulations relating to Natural Health Consulting.
  7. I will not break my client’s confidence, nor divulge to anyone the findings I acquire during consultation, or in the course of professional recommendations, without my client’s consent except when required by law, or where failure to take action would constitute a menace or danger to the patient or another member of the community.
  8. I shall always support other Consultants at all times and shall never criticize, condemn or otherwise denigrate other Consultants in the presence of a client or other lay persons.
  9. I shall respect the rights of all ethical Consultants and will cooperate with all health care professionals in a friendly and professional manner.
  10. I shall never knowingly interfere with any on-going recommendations instigated by another Consultant, while the client is under that Consultant’s care.
  11. Where another Consultant refers a client to me, I shall return such clients to the original Consultant when the specified recommendations are completed. I will not denigrate another Consultant’s recommendations.
  12. I shall not make false claims regarding the potential benefits of Natural Therapies and shall actively participate in educating the public regarding the actual benefits of Natural Therapies.
  13. I shall not give guarantees regarding the results of any recommendations, nor exploit a client for financial gain through inferences or misrepresentation of any sort.
  14. I shall practice honesty in advertising, promote my services ethically and in good taste, and practice and or advertise only those skills for which I have received adequate training or certification.
  15. I will avoid telephone consultations with unknown persons.
  16. I will maintain my premises in a hygienic condition, and ensure that my premises offer my clients sufficient privacy.
  17. I will keep complete records of each client, including specific details of my recommendations.
  18. I shall strive to project a professional image for myself, my business or place of employment, and the Natural Health profession in general.
  19. I shall refrain from the use of any mind-altering drugs, alcohol, or intoxicants prior to or during a professional Natural Health consultation.
  20. I shall always dress in a professional manner, proper dress being defined as the attire suitable and consistent with accepted professional practice.
  21. I shall in no way instigate or tolerate any kind of sexual advance while acting in the capacity of as a Natural Health Consultant
  22. I shall ensure that anyone employed by me shall strictly adhere to the same Code of Ethics as long as he/she is employed by me.
  23. I shall display a copy of the Code of Ethics in my office where it is clearly visible to all clients.